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Don Torcuato,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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More than 65 years providing first class international moving services.



We provide
unique experiences

And want to impact the planet
and every person positively.

And want to impact the planet
and every person positively.

The world is a unique territory.
It is an open space for those who dare to conquer it and go beyond their limits.
Moving is progressing and growing.
It is leading our own destiny. It is choosing new directions. It is challenging us.
It means being close, despite being far away. It is putting essential things first.
It is broadening perspectives and breaking down barriers.
It is to go further, always.

Welcome to Lift Van!



Evolution in
International Relocations


The history of Lift Van began in 1954 to provide the best international moving and relocation services. The brand has always been associated with quality and safety, and its managers and shareholders have always worked at the industry forefront.


In 1974, Lift Van joined the International Federation of International Movers (FIDI) based in Belgium and was the first Argentine company to reach this milestone. In 1998, Lift Van was the first South American company to obtain the FAIM certification, a seal of quality developed by said Federation and Ernst & Young.


Our permanent attitude of improvement has allowed us to adapt to the market’s and our clients’ diverse needs by combining innovative technologies with our deep know-how to make your move or relocation a pleasant experience.


We are concerned about the future. That is why our company promotes diversity. We are committed to the community and are responsible for promoting its social, environmental, and economic development.

Our Team

We understand that moving is taking a step forward, and we have the most experienced staff to go with you. A team of sixty professionals with 15 years of average seniority in the company will provide you with a safe and close service, with the human support you and your family need.

Our Facilities

We own warehouses that total 25,000 m2 in Don Torcuato, Buenos Aires. These facilities are equipped with fire detection systems, alarms, monitoring cameras, and private security 24/7 all year round.

Our Fleet

Our fleet of 15 vehicles includes trucks, trailers, vans, and cranes with modern communication and tracking equipment.



A change of life? A job proposal?
We can help you!

Discover an international relocation and moving service that meets your requirements, always close and focused on your needs.

We have more than 65 years of experience and thanks to our dynamic approach and constant updating we remain at the sector forefront.

We seek excellence and are committed to our clients, the community where we work and care for the environment.

Our leadership is based on the endorsement of our clients and the world’s most prestigious moving, relocating, and transportation associations.

We are always close. This way, we can control every detail, respond to every query, and understand the emotions involved in a move or relocation.

We provide the highest quality, and this vast responsibility carries over to everything we do, including our social and environmental commitment.
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