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Giving is your best move!

This year is for Bowen, Mendoza. Join us and make your donation!


At Lift Van, we are aware of our footprint, and we are committed to reducing the negative impact of our actions and enhancing the positive impact on our environment in its social, environmental, and economic dimensions.

Some of our initiatives include:


We protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our computer systems, data, and their management.


We have implemented protocols to look after the privacy and personal data of all those with whom we maintain a professional relationship.


We contribute to social welfare through our Giving is your Best Move program, in which we recycle the clothes donated by our clients and distribute them among several NGOs. From October 2013 to this day, we have donated more than 800 kg of clothing in more than five cities in our country.


We support sustainable care through our Paperless program. With this initiative, we have reduced the use of printed paper to almost zero.


We foster a diverse, respectful, and equalitarian work culture that promotes inclusive and discrimination-free workspaces.


We take care of the planet thanks to the 54 solar panels installed in our warehouses to transform solar radiation into sustainable energy.

CO2 Reduction and
Fuel Consumption

We have significantly reduced our footprint using 100% electric forklifts powered by the clean energy produced by our solar panels.

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